The content of this site is intended as a platform for supporting the citizens of Shediac and a source of information on the municipality’s management of emergency situations. The changes, initiatives and emergency measures implemented by the Town of Shediac are consistent with the instructions issued by the competent authorities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve notice that some people are not following the rules established by the province regarding physical distancing. To whom can I address my concerns?

In order to answer your questions about compliance with the state of emergency, you can call the NB Government line (1-844-462-8387) seven days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Why are you closing municipal facilities?

The Town of Shediac is following the recommendations of the New Brunswick Chief Medical Officer of Health to avoid gatherings of more than 150 people and to maintain a social distance of at least 2 metres.

As well, the municipality has a responsibility, as an employer, to protect its employees’ health. Our goal is to maintain a relatively low rate of absenteeism among our staff so that we can continue to provide our residents with essential services.

Are the parks and trails open?

Outdoor facilities like the sliding hill at Pascal Poirier Park, playgrounds, dog park, and skate park are closed in order to follow the recommendations on avoiding gatherings. Public trails remain accessible. However, users must respect social distancing of 6 feet (2 metres).

Is waste collection taking place as scheduled?

There is no change to the schedule for regular residential collection. Please note, however, that Eco360’s Mobile Waste Depots have been cancelled until further notice, and they are asking that all tissues or other hygienic materials that could be contaminated go into the clear bags as opposed to blue. Please visit the Eco360 website at for an update on COVID-19 and waste management in the region.

Can I go to City Hall for a meeting?

City Hall is currently closed to the public for an indeterminate period. Again, this directive is aimed at protecting our employees’ health and remaining able to provide our essential services to our residents.

Employees will continue to work from home. You can contact us during normal business hours by calling 532-7000 or emailing

Can I go to your other municipal buildings for a meeting?

The fire station, Operations Centre, Multipurpose Centre, Festival Arena and the public library are currently closed to the public.

What happens if I’ve reserved a municipal facility?

You can contact to find out what your options are.

Where can I pay my water bill?

Please note that City Hall is currently closed to the public until further notice and we are not accepting any in-person bill payments.

You can make your payment:

  • On the Service NB website :
  • At one of the following financial institutions: National Bank, Bank of Montreal or Uni Financial Corporation
  • By mailing your payment to the Town of Shediac, 290 Main St. Shediac, NB, E4P 2E3

For any questions relating to your invoice, please call 532-7000

Where can I pay my invoice for rental of the arena or the Multipurpose Centre?

To pay your invoice for ice usage or room rental at the Multipurpose Centre, you can mail your payment to Town of Shediac, 290 Main St. Shediac, NB, E4P 2E3

For any questions relating to your invoice, please call 532-7000

If I pay my bill late, will interest fees be added?

The deadline to pay your water bill with the Town of Shediac has been moved to June 30, 2020; no interest will be charged

Have you canceled any events?

Badminton has been canceled until further notice.

The Acoustic Sunday events scheduled for April 5 and April 9 have been canceled.

The Volunteer Recognition Evening scheduled for April 22 has been canceled.

Are Council meetings still taking place?

Council has canceled its regular March meeting, but its meeting scheduled for April 27 will take place. Please visit the Town of Shediac’s website for details.

Can I still reserve a municipal facility?

Municipal facilities are currently closed to the public. Reservations are still being accepted, but they cannot be guaranteed as the situation is evolving day by day. You can contact

Is our drinking water safe?

Yes. Water monitoring and testing will continue as normal; your health is our priority.

Are building permits still being issued by the Town?

For questions relating to building permits, we ask that you communicate with the Regional Service Commission at

Do you have any other information on COVID-19?

For all health-related matters on COVID-19, visit

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